People-Centric Platform for Business Acceleration


People. Capability. Delivery.

Talent Pool


Organize your talent supply chain to be highly accessible and impactful for project-based working.

People Analytics


Use data analytics to highlight capabilities, utilization levels, competency gaps, current supply and demand for work.

Optimized Working


Plan and allocate resources to projects with aligned skillsets for managed engagement, work and delivery.

Build your Capability Ecosystem

Discover and source competencies across businesses, locations and partners to meet changing business needs.

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Utilize the Best Talent

Effectively resource and allocate projects against aligned skillsets for optimized delivery.

Connect Knowledge to Projects

Realize the full value of organizational know-how by instantly delivering it at the point of demand.

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Synchronize Project Execution

Coordinate and track project execution from a single platform and improve your company's productivity.

Access Reports Instantly

Get instant updates on employee and project performance with real-time status and progress indicators.

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Informed Decisions with Analytics

Anticipate and plan for talent needs with data analytics highlighting competency gaps, current supply and demand for work.

Use Feedback to Benchmark

Listen to the voice of your project team using surveys to track and evaluate the health of teamwork.

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Motivated Team Members

Increase employee engagement by promoting a culture that recognizes good work and rewards it.

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