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OpusView Introduction
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People Engagement Platform
A brief introduction to OpusView
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Angela Pearson

"I’m not certain about our company's competencies and who has them."

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Chuck Peters

"My team lack data about the supply and demand for skillsets, to manage our talent strategy."

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Jill Todd

"I need to know if skillsets are verified to be sure they are complete, accurate and truthful."

“The way we engage our talent in the workplace isn’t effective.”

"Our skills data is scattered in many places."

“We lack focus on organizational capability.”

“We don’t know if people are happy and motivated.”

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Tony Evans

“To understand concerns and what can be improved we need continuous feedback from employees.”

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Robert James

"Unless we promote work, our teams will not be inclusive and diverse."

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Raj Dillion

"For new project work, I want to easily search, compare and identify available people."

OpusView: All in one place

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OpusView is a new class of people engagement software for mid to large sized companies.

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OpusView provides an engaging experience for business leaders and employees to succeed in the modern agile era.

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OpusView combines and extends capabilities from talent and work management into a single solution.

People engagement platform


Listen to employees to improve engagement, satisfaction and culture.

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Match talent and experiences to work opportunities.

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Map skillsets to reveal supply and demand.

Effortless planning


Manage skills to deploy the right verified talent, in the right place, at the right time.

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Data analytics reveal the full potential of your organization and help to minimize waste of resources.

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Automatic team suggestions help create inclusive and diverse teams for assignments.

Future of work


Increase organizational readiness by better organizing talent and how people work together.

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Improve organizational capacity by providing employees with learning pathways to acquire new knowledge.


Identify and mobilize employees to respond quickly and effectively to external changes and opportunities.

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