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"We are passionate about empowering business teams with technology and solutions that enable them to perform to higher levels and do great things."

OpusView is an innovative SaaS People Engagement Platform for the modern workforce, brought to you by an experienced team of highly regarded serial software entrepreneurs. Backed by thorough industry research, OpusView is the result of years of careful curation and development.

Employee engagement has evolved into a critical concept that aims to enhance the relationship between an organization and its employee in order to increase capability and productivity.

OpusView is designed to work with you to deliver a positive workforce experience that raises people's happiness, fulfilment, and sense of worth to ultimately drive increased loyalty.

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  • Bal Mattu, CEO

Bal Mattu

I'm a technology entrepreneur and currently the Founder, CEO and product visionary of OpusView.

After graduating with a bachelor’s in Computing and Physics and a Postgraduate Diploma in Information Systems, in 1989 I started a career in software sales.

My first tech startup was NoticeCast in 1999. NoticeCast was the world’s first Java-based business event management system. I sold NoticeCast to Cognos in 2000. In 2001, I Co-Founded Runservicenet. RunserviceNet pioneered a service-oriented applications development platform DecisionX. I sold RunserviceNet to LongView in 2006.

My latest tech startup OpusView launched in 2015 is a new class of business platform with the assumption that every person in the organization has expertise to offer.

The goals of OpusView revolve around my vision to reshape how organizations align people, skills and work to create new efficiencies and capabilities.

Leadership Team

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David Williams

  • David Williams, CPO

25 years experience designing and building modern, innovative, enterprise software.

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Martin Shaw

  • Martin Shaw

25 years experience delivering projects and running PMOs.

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Paul Jackson

  • Paul Jackson, Chief Architect

20 years experience implementing design and architecture deliverables.

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