When looking at agile project management, you will quickly come across a lot of terminology – Sprints, DevOps, Kanbans, Scrum, Agile, Extreme, to name a few. Essentially, it’s all about the approach to project working, return on investment and delivering on expected results.

An agile project management approach is an iterative way of working to deliver projects throughout the life cycle. Agile working promotes speed, and agility to change and adjust as you progress through the project life cycle. Benefits are gained throughout the process of work rather than at the end.

Agile working empowers team workers to provide earlier releases, promote continuous improvement and deliver maximum value against business goals.

OpusView work engagement software is ideal for agile working, as it will deliver projects sooner to a higher satisfaction level because communication is simplified, collaboration is frictionless, and flexibility is increased.

Social Working with OpusView delivers agility

  1. Collaboration: Promotes collaborative working both inside the organization and outside.

  2. Work: Project requirements are broken down into smaller pieces, these are then prioritized by the team and worked on.

  3. Communication: Communicate updates with distributed and local teams and share assignments, feedback, and task lists.

  4. Feedback: At regular intervals, ensure that all stakeholders are satisfied and buy-in is maintained.

  5. Analytics: Dashboards provide instant visibility into tasks, costs and risks. Real-time project monitoring and control as well as status-related analytics means nothing gets missed.


Deliver project work at high velocity

At OpusView, we help teams execute complicated projects to get business results faster. The agile working capabilities of OpusView will ensure that your objectives are more than achieved. With the rise of agile practices, project working has become more competitive than ever. With OpusView, you have a competitive edge.