Today, in organizations everywhere, teams group together in meetings or workshops to share and discuss ideas, formulate plans, and set goals. Any remote team members will “dial-in” to participate.

But how well does the collaboration continue after everyone has left the meeting room? Of course, there are tools for team collaboration but over time organizations have overloaded the work environment with too many options, which has resulted in data being scattered in many places and reduced interest from employees.

OpusView work engagement software increases the efficiency of work collaboration by aligning purposeful interactions and connections to experts and centralized information sharing, with project work streams using real-time messaging, broadcasting and call conferencing.

Powering project social collaboration

With the work collaboration functionality of OpusView, you amplify innovation, build trust and manage projects the way they need to be managed.

  1. Project social networks: Project flows keep everyone connected and knowing what needs to be done, with contributions recognized right through to the goals being achieved.

  2. Project collaboration: Interactions and connections are simplified, clear and purposeful.

  3. Project assets: Always know where to go for your information and advice.

  4. Project productivity: A simple interface means your communications will be painless and smooth, so you can focus on being a value-creator.

Social collaboration increases quality of work

With OpusView, project team collaboration is compelling. It provides a vehicle to share work, context, concerns and successes. OpusView is the modern way of social collaboration.