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From time to time we might have all been called Billy no mates. 
Sometimes at work, we may wish we were Billy Nomates, not because we don't appreciate or like our co-workers, but because we may not all be "rowing in the same direction". If you've ever muttered the words "it would be easier if I do the whole thing myself" then you know what we mean!  
Most people take pride in the work they do, so it's not surprising we all become frustrated when our work is overlooked or disrupted not by other team members but by poor planning and communications.

We'd like to gain your thoughts, so if you could spend just 5-10 minutes to complete this survey, we would much appreciate it. To date, we've had a high number of respondents and will in the coming months publish the results. That said, all your individual data is held in the strictest confidence.

 Billy Nomates