It goes without saying that you can have all the knowledge in the world, but unless you can access and apply the right elements at the right time, it is not worth having. If you don’t know where to find the fact or explanation that you need, what good is it to you? Effective organizations, on the other hand, have established knowledge management systems so that they can make the best use of sharing knowledge about their harnessed wisdom and insight.

With OpusView work engagement software, you have the tools to build an in-depth project-relevant library of knowledge template components that can be accessed at any time and by anyone to initiate and share work.


OpusView for knowledge management

  1. Speed: Knowledge templates will reduce setup time for new projects.

  2. Memory: Knowledge templates are reusable repositories for organizational memory.

  3. Improvement: Knowledge templates are enablers for continual process improvement and innovation.

  4. Clarity: Knowledge templates provide a consistent form to align project activities to goals.

  5. Compliance: Knowledge templates drive best practice working across the organization.


Knowledge management saves time and reduces costs

With OpusView, you can easily develop and socialize collective knowledge across your organization. No longer does knowledge have to leave your business when an employee does. Instead, you can build a digital knowledge bank for everyone associated with your business. This way, everyone can be more confident to get on with their jobs more productively.