Organizations are well aware that their most important asset is its people. One of the biggest challenges for large, geographically dispersed organizations is identifying and aligning the right people with the right project work. For these organizations, it is imperative that the right tools are available to plan tasks, organize teams and coordinate work to achieve business goals.

With OpusView work engagement software, you address today’s demand for flexible working patterns, recognizing work, easier access to expertise and, more collaboration and transparency.

Organize teams and manage work effectively

  1. Real-time communication: Increase work efficiencies by purposeful interactions and sharing information in your collaborative project streams using topic-based chat, message broadcasting, video and call conferencing with VOIP.

  2. Dashboards: Clarify performance objectives by presenting key information in real-time about all programs and projects you are involved in. The interactive interface allows users to change the detail level and navigate straight to relevant sections. 

  3. Gantt Charts: Use automatically generated personalized interactive Gantt charts to view tasks and plan activities. Understanding task-level costs, risks and dependencies. Monitor the overall timeline of the project and the expected completion date. 

  4. Socialize tasks: Share tasks, assign task leaders, set priorities and view task dependencies across your projects. Drill down on tasks that need closer viewing or support intervention. 

  5. Team Boards: View project performance, workload of each team member and status of each task. Easily change work schedules to suit priorities.


Manage programs, projects and tasks

OpusView is seamlessly integrated work engagement software for organizations that want to easily organize teams to perform and deliver outcomes to the highest level.