So I spend on average 3 hours each week compiling reports for the Execs. I know they’re not in this building so can't see the whiteboards but there must be a better way than this…

Sound familiar? I share your pain. Having been a Project Manager I rarely enjoyed the task of consolidating project information from various sources. Progress from MS Project or Burn Down Charts; Risks and Issues from one spreadsheet; Test and Defect updates from another; and the last minute updates chased via email and IM. All to be then neatly formatted into the standard PMO template before being emailed the day before the meeting with the executive team only to find out 30 minutes before the meeting that a critical issue had been raised changing the outlook of the project. Finally emerging with a list of follow-up actions that you didn’t have the information to hand to respond to with the knowledge the whole cycle would start again in 2 days’ in time for the next weekly meeting!

On the flip side of this I have also been a very frustrated executive feeling starved of the relevant information which would help me fully understand how the project is truly performing. Receiving updates after the meeting robs the executive of the chance to provide the timely steer or decision that fast moving projects require.

Now I’m from a project management background, and a technical one at that, so I am quite comfortable delving into the disparate tool sets and knowledge repositories that the project teams use to find out what the templated report isn’t telling me. However the same is not true for my colleagues from Marketing, Sales and Finance. They have to settle for the 2 day old view of the project to offer advice and make decisions.

So when I joined IdeasCast and began working on our flagship product OpusView I was determined to address this issue and ensure that we provided a solution that not only enabled project teams to communicate effectively in the delivery of the project but also gave the project managers and executives the key project information they need, real-time, 100% up to date and all contained within a single platform. No more hunting around different platforms, email chains, messenger groups or spreadsheets.

OpusView provides these views with Dashboards that can be quickly scanned to see the status of all the projects, and then if required can be drilled down into to see what is driving the status, the latest comment from the team on progress and planned activity. Complete transparency and fully automated allowing the PM to consume and act upon the information rather than spending their valuable time collating it.

How does that sound? Too good to be true?

Well don’t take my word for it. Contact us here at IdeasCast and I’ll show you how those reporting templates can be a distant memory for you just as they are now for me!