The modern workplace is complicated enough without having to communicate across multiple email and messaging platforms. In a project team environment this can quickly become unwieldy even when everyone has the best of intentions. It introduces data silos, makes analytics and audits nearly impossible, reduces productivity, and generally makes for a grumpy workforce.

OpusView is a workplace social software solution that simplifies communication and drives purposeful social collaboration among all your project teams in any department. With OpusView you will not find yourself jumping from one system to another because it’s all on the same platform.

In addition to keeping all your real-time communications centralized, OpusView also saves everything. This effectively transforms communications into a knowledge repository, storing conversations for reference later.

In every workday, nuggets of information will form and unlike existing multiple tool environments you will not end up losing this communications gold because of inaccessible databases or misplaced documents. Imagine the person-hours you are spending scouring messages and searching e-mails and archives for the information you need right now. It’s all there in OpusView so get those person-hours back for real project work.

Simpler, clearer communications lead to better understanding and teamwork among project leaders and team members. With OpusView, never let any conversation go to waste and make your business is a more productive organization.