Let’s face it we live in an intriguing world where our parlance seemingly evolves on a daily basis with each new App that hits our phones. Social media has become a constant in all our lives and not just in our personal lives but work too.

Instant messaging has been around in the workplace for many years but was typically the reserve of the techies within IT. But now everyone Skypes or hangsout and how on earth did anyone know who was in before we got presence?!

Collaboration has been bounded around as the answer to the problem every business has. Need to improve efficiency? Collaborate. Need to create better products? Collaborate. Need to find a new place for lunch? You get the idea.

But does collaboration alone really solve anything? Sure it gets people communicating and that is clearly important, but what’s more important is what they are communicating about. Also by allowing everyone to talk to anyone at anytime about anything isn’t there a danger nobody will ever be able to focus on anything ever again?

So what’s the answer? Less collaboration to get more time to actually get things done? Well that feels like a huge step backwards, but the reality is without an element of control then chaos will ensue and productivity will not improve.

What we need is collaboration with purpose, and within the right human networks. We need all of the benefits that social interaction brings, the sharing of ideas that brings about the innovation and solution to complex problems, but with the right level of control and structure to ensure that this collaboration is being applied to the right challenges.

OpusView has been purpose built for businesses to provide a rich collaborative working experience that leverages the best of social networking. All of the features you’d expect to find in your favourite products but with the essential difference in that all collaboration is centered upon defined work activities and management strategy within a Project environment.

This is hugely beneficial for organizations to focus what are usually very unstructured collaborative engagements onto specific, prioritized, business outcomes. Not only that but all of this knowledge capital that is being generated isn’t lost forever in an App which is disconnected from the other data sources.

There are so many collaborative features within OpusView that would be folly to list them all here, but needless to say ratings, voting, feedback, chat, likes, reviews etc. are all present. But so are features such as user profiles with listed skills and experiences to help discover who is ideal to bring into your network to share and collaborate with. Dashboards to track your requests, status of others, blogs, wikis….

Socialization within the workplace is here to stay. What is essential is that you choose the right product to harness its power and avoid the distractive downsides. So contact us at IdeasCast and let’s collaborate on making that happen for you.