Program management comprises the running of an interrelated group of projects. Generally, programs are created with the intention of implementing new strategies such as change management, regulatory policies or technological innovations within the organization.

The responsibilities of program management encompass handling conflicts between the projects, creating an environment where every project can be achieved, defining the role of each project in reaching the broader goal, and choosing the projects most aligned with the overall objective.

With OpusView work engagement software, you can monitor budgets, reduce the overall risks of the program, manage the interconnections between the projects, and proportionally distribute organizational resources to every project.


How to start managing your programs in OpusView

  1. Report across your program: View and report on progress for each of the projects of your program.

  2. Teamworking: Add your teammates to projects, collaborate with others, send and receive status updates, and assign tasks.

  3. Risk planning: Create risk mitigation plans and monitor project risks across your programs.

Stay organized and keep on track with program management

OpusView program management helps you to stay on top of your programs by providing a consolidated view of budgets, risks and work statuses across your projects.