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A project plan broadly includes setting objectives, outlining the deliverables, planning the schedule and identifying any support mechanisms.

Managing your project working, resources and teams without a project scheduling tool can pose serious problems for any project manager. As a project manager, your job is to ensure everything runs flawlessly, from budget planning, clarifying the scope of what needs to be done with the right team members.

OpusView work engagement software will save tons of valuable time while allowing you to prioritize tasks and highlight any project risks.

OpusView for project working

  1. The work required: Define and allocate all task working that is need in the plan. Continuously monitor progress or for any bottlenecks.

  2. The people involved and their key responsibilities: Form superior social networks of people best-skilled for the work.

  3. The project completion schedule: Manage tasks, their interrelations and dependencies from start to finish to get the work done.

  4. The project deliverables: All project members can see key objectives and their associated targets for deliverables.

  5. The project milestones: Relevant managers have an instant view on current progress and expected timelines for delivery. Schedule changes are automatically communicated in real-time to teams.

The OpusView project plan also comprises a communication plan, a plan to manage project risks, a process for issue escalation and project reporting.

A well-designed project plan will deliver success

At OpusView, we perceive the project plan to be the control and communications tool for use throughout the project lifecycle. OpusView provides directions to the project and effectively drives the project plan, including task management, risk management, cost management, and communications and resourcing to deliver projects on time to budget.