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Project Social

Why is it essential for Workforce Wellness?

author  - David Norfolk


Early Access

Any organisation worth its salt knows that loyal, motivated people are the key to successful project outcomes—which is exactly what David Norfolk talks about in his latest report entitled Project Social: Why is it essential for Workforce Wellness?.


In it, David goes over the many different ways you can keep your people happy, involved and eager to always do excellent work. 


One example he gives is using powerful project management tools such as Ideascast’s OpusView, which has everything your organisation could ever need to turn more of its ideas into ready-to-launch projects faster, ultimately putting you in a better position to outmanoeuvre the competition.


We are excited to provide early access to a thought provoking ebook from Bloor's David Norfolk. 


In the ebook, David looks at:

  • What is workforce wellness?

  • Why do we need workforce wellness?

  • 10 causes of project failure

  • How do we achieve workforce wellness?

  • The benefits: why Project Social matters

  • Wellbeing value, employee morale and retention

Take a view of the ebook ahead of its publication.