Managing your team work without an appropriate project tool can be a nightmare. Throw into the mix sick leave, vacations, challenging clients, freelancers, and 3rd party contractors, competing projects, and getting project outputs completed on schedule, it then becomes a tricky proposition. Effective resource management is a key ingredient to make plans that deliver.

From a resource management viewpoint, it is important to understand people’s availability and their project working commitments to balance workloads and identify available work resource.

Use OpusView for resource management

OpusView work engagement software offers resource management to make projects more successful. Some of the key reasons why investing in OpusView will be beneficial:

  1. Find the best skilled people: Identify potential team member resources by searching for skills and expertise profiles against your project requirements.

  2. Smarter task allocation: After identifying the resources you need for your project, smartly allocate relevant scheduled tasks to them.

  3. Efficient planning: Resource workloads can be viewed and updated to achieve optimum operational efficiency.

  4. Analytics in real-time: Monitor in real-time your resource consumption. Analytics offer insightful information about the progress of or interventions required in your project.

  5. Bolsters accountability: View task leaders, schedules and statuses across your projects. Communicate in real-time with project members to understand potential delivery risks.


Resource management improves workforce wellbeing

Improved operational resource management increases team working engagement. Employees will not feel over-utilized or over-burdened and this, therefore, results in better employee relationships and higher employee retention levels.

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OpusView work engagement software gives organizations worldwide all the collaboration, data governance, and delivery tools they need for an integrated approach to manage competencies, work and incentivize modern distributed teams to accelerate program and project success.


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