In the competitive business environment of today, organizations are looking to improve their quality and outputs while reducing costs. Meanwhile, a changing economy has given rise to a tight job market. So, while businesses are looking to extract more from their employees, the employees are looking for better work environments. As a result, to retain and attract the best talent, organizations are seeking ways to better recognize employee work contributions through reward management.

OpusView offers innovative reward management functionality, designed to increase work engagement and satisfaction.

Use OpusView for reward management

The reward management functionality of OpusView work engagement software will assist in improving the culture of your company by providing tangible motivations for work activities. The behavior-driven reward system of OpusView permits executives and management to recognize work efforts and reward both individuals and teams for their successful work results and for ‘failures’.

Using the OpusView reward management system to recognize employee contributions, you encourage them to work more actively when they feel content and valued.

With OpusView, you can:

  1. Set transparent targets: Project leadership can preset the timelines and standards for rewards.

  2. Make rewards fair: Directly link work activity to actual reward given.

  3. Recognize contributions: Automatically report on and determine leading work performers.

  4. Improve collaboration: Motivate buy-in and team working.


Integrating reward management with employee engagement

Reward management functionality drives positive changes in businesses and their workforce. With OpusView, you can fuel innovation and improve project outputs while simultaneously building a collaborative company culture.