As we progress into the next decade, the need for project workers will increase as more and more organizations move to a project-based working paradigm to improve their competitive market positions. The currently available technologies that support the project-based industry will be surpassed by more flexible, collaborative, and open solutions. These modern solutions embrace project social management, relationship-based and social network models for projects.

OpusView work engagement software is designed to make teamwork more engaging, fair and rewarding while generating higher value outcomes for the organization.

OpusView facilitates a stronger and more inclusive working model to increase effectiveness. It mitigates and addresses some of the problems seen in team working environments today.

Why project social management is imperative

  1. Real-time control: Tracking progress and communication and automatically keeping records of all activity.

  2. Right-thinking talent: Finding and assigning the best skills for work to form superior project social networks.

  3. Improved planning: Creating realistically achievable projects and goals with team buy-in.

  4. Community knowledge: Providing easy access to the right level of trusted information at the right time.

  5. Recognize contribution: Rewarding employee contributions to encourage them to work more actively.

  6. Wellbeing: Reducing employee workload and stress.

  7. Team morale: Increasing team member satisfaction.

OpusView is for the next generation of project working. OpusView promotes a concentrated approach for the socialization of people, knowledge, work and reward.


Social management will transform your workplace

Your workplace with OpusView will be different. It’s one that helps raise productivity, encourages creativity and ensures everyone understands their role. Every day, employees meet, remotely or in person, and share ideas, knowledge, and insight. This generates energy in the workplace and a sense that possibilities are endless. Even the most ambitious goals seem achievable.