Today, it is not unusual even in large organizations for project managers to use spreadsheets to track the tasks of their team. Unfortunately, spreadsheets do not provide audit trails that are important to tracking how information and processes are changing over time. Furthermore, there is no ability to track conversations about the work or progress.

Instead, by using task management to visualize task plans, automate task tracking, and view performance statuses, project and team managers can track tasks far more effectively.

OpusView work engagement software provides superior task management capabilities for all types of projects and team working.

With OpusView, assign task leaders, set priorities and view task dependencies across your projects. Drill down on tasks that need closer viewing or support intervention. Keep track of team and individual tasks and get work done quicker.


Key benefits of using OpusView for social task management

  1. Flexible assignment: Assign multiple team workers or mini-teams to any task.

  2. Control access: Manage and give access to task information with pin-point control.

  3. Social networking: Share ideas, feedback and files; teammates are able to tap into the same pool of knowledge whenever they require.

  4. Real-time communication: Instantly discuss project working progress, status and activity.

  5. Prioritize work: Tracking tasks enables everyone to acknowledge which require more time or which are more important, so teams can meet deadlines by planning their time.

OpusView social task management empowers teams to work more intelligently and productively from start to end on projects and programs.


Social task management improves team working effectiveness

There is no need for you to waste your time figuring out what to work on first, updating spreadsheets, searching for to-do lists and emails, or organizing sticky notes. OpusView is a one-stop task management solution to manage work, make sure everyone is working in concert, prioritize tasks and meet project deadlines.