Teams in organizations are different today: They are dispersed, digital, and dynamic. However, their success still relies on effective communication and collaboration.

When the right workplace conditions exist for teamwork, there are increases in productivity and innovation. Great teamwork boosts performance and success of the organization.

OpusView work engagement software enables the right conditions for successful teamwork. With OpusView, you always have real-time access to the right information and people to make sure your project activities are supported in-house or remotely.

Teamwork in OpusView

  1. Social network: Form superior teams with members from across the organization with right-thinking talent.

  2. Purpose: Teams know what they are working towards and what needs to be done to reach their objectives.

  3. Structure: Define and organize the work of your team, prioritizing, planning, and taking action on what’s important. Reward positive work behaviour.

  4. Shared goals: Good team design is well blended with diversity and skills, but also one where the team strives to be the best.

  5. Real-time: Communication is instant and linked to project working by sharing viewpoints, documents, task statuses and progress.


Enabling high performing teamwork

With OpusView, you have seamless integrated real-time communication with video conferencing, messaging, file sharing and VOIP calling. This means all your communication is in one place, streamed at project and teamwork level. Easily and effectively communicate with team members to track task progress, keep teams involved and minimize the administrative effort in collating the latest intelligence on project progress.