From on-site snack bars to premium healthcare, open-plan offices, and the sound of a gong in the weekly team huddle, enlightened employers are continually striving to foster a healthier and more pleasing work environment. The aim is that by increasing team collaboration and improving overall workforce wellbeing, everyone thrives. Workforce productivity is higher and the organization is more successful.

Having the right technology tools to do the job is commonly overlooked and unfortunately far too many companies have legacy systems and technology that do the opposite of fostering a sense of teamwork and collaboration. Instead, there are the detrimental effects of workers feeling isolated, undervalued, blind to the importance of their contributions. In particular, millennials are becoming dissatisfied with outdated technology used in their workplaces, especially when they are used to smarter levels of tech in their own mobile devices.

OpusView work engagement software enables organizations to effortlessly make a commitment to putting their people first. It does this by directly linking employees with business outcomes in a way that drives higher levels of organizational and workforce wellbeing.

How will OpusView benefit my teams

  1. Fostering belonging and socializing teamwork: If you eliminate people working in isolation, you will improve a sense of wellbeing across whole teams.

  2. Better ROI with each new talent acquired: Significantly reduce employee turnover rates by providing modern workflow and workload management and, more intelligent task management.

  3. More informed decisions: Know exactly what needs to be done and when, with detailed real-time insights about business projects and the corresponding teamwork,

  4. More readily available support: With organized team boards, polls, wikis, reviews and viewpoints modules, each team member has everything they need right at their fingertips.

  5. Improved communication: With real-time communication and feedback channels, each team member can get in touch live with both teammates and managers for questions, suggestions, comments and feedback.

  6. Recognize contribution: Using a rewards system to recognize employee contributions, you encourage them to work more actively because they feel happy and valued.


Make your business a healthier, more productive organization

The saying, “work smarter, not harder” resonates with a growing millennials workforce, placing a big emphasis on workforce productivity and workforce wellbeing. With OpusView, this will translate into higher business performance.