Work Activities Are Supported, Trusted
& Aligned to Goals

OpusView’s highly capable and intuitive work engagement suite equips teams for organizing work and achieving business goals. Packed with smart, powerful features from intelligent task allocation tools to comprehensive yet easy-to-understand dashboard analytics, OpusView makes it easy to surface the best, least-loaded people for work activities whilst giving everyone a clear view on exactly what they’re supposed to do, when they’re supposed to do it, why it’s important, and how well they are doing.

OpusView aligns team coordination and working with knowledge on demand, giving instant visibility on program and project elements including costs and risks. With OpusView, teams will achieve outstanding results through improved project initiation, monitoring and control.

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OpusView harnesses the power of social behaviors and work patterns in the workplace. Teams are formed through leveraging skills profiling, social boards that show project work opportunities, and viewing workloads to ensure participants are not over committed.

OpusView teams achieve success through purposeful collaboration, utilizing personal work plans, wikis, blogging, reviews, discussions, and surveys – all driven by real-time secure messaging.

With OpusView crowd working, effort and success is recognized and rewarded in a positive way, whether it is time or milestone based.

OpusView enables compliance, continuous improvement and accelerated project success by deploying previous success work patterns on new projects. OpusView’s powerful and easy-to-use Knowledge Builder allows you to assemble everything you need for your business project to succeed. People can create and visualize project initiatives and plans from start to finish. When changes are needed, OpusView helps to easily rework work-packages, project schedules, and breakdowns.

Build and make accessible, reusable knowledge assets for a variety of business projects. With OpusView, Project Owners can access corporate expertise and content on demand to meet regulatory requirements, to adhere to standardizations and maximize the project success and ROI.

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OpusView effortlessly steers connected project communities in the right direction at any given time through built-in feedback channels and real-time analytics, eliminating the potential risk of costly mistakes and achieving better results.

OpusView teams are empowered through the right role and permission settings to share information and make evaluated decisions.

OpusView aligns work with people who have the best skills and knowledge, incentivizes engagement, and rewards contributions from team members that improve project success.